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Lady G and her Fashion Forward Ways

Lady Gaga’s meat dress at the MTV Video Music Awards was definitely a big talking point for many reasons. It generated a lot of controversy, with equal amounts of praise and criticism. While many have jokingly called her dress the best meatloaf recipe ever, still others were furious with this use of animal meat. While there are many ways of analyzing this fashion statement of hers, here is a look at a couple different viewpoints:

Lady Gaga in NYC 2015

  1. Against Fashion:

In many ways, this was Lady Gaga’s way of saying, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m too cool for fashion’. Through this, she lets the entertainment industry know that in spite of the fact that she is accepting the award, it is nothing but a frivolous thing for her. In a way, she wore a red dress to a red carpet event. So Lady Gaga manages to keep with fashion trends while giving it a completely new dimension. Of course, she is a very fashion savvy lady and there is no doubt about the fact that this was done with a great deal of thinking and analyzing.


  1. Artistic Look at the Temporary Nature of Life:

Some people feel that it is a look at the artistic tradition of observing the fleeting nature of life from an outsider’s perspective. The Canadian artist Jana Sterbak did come up with a flesh dress made of meat and this could be a reference to her. Sterbak’s work was a sculpture that showed that decay and ageing is a natural part of life. Especially since meat that has been kept out tends to go bad, we can see this process happen right before our eyes. And animal meat is used at it hits home harder than vegetables or fruits.


  1. Feminism:

The whole meat dress idea could be a strong feminist message from Lady Gaga. After all she is a strong lady that is respected all over the world. Chauvinistic attitudes in today’ society tend to look at women as pieces of meat that are to be consumed. And at the awards, Lady Gaga did specifically say that standing up for your rights is necessary or else you will end up like meat. Many feminists do agree with this view and have applauded her fashion sense in this regard.


  1. The Attitude of Society towards Meat:

Most people would feel quite horrified at the thought of an animal being killed and cut open. But this is what happens everyday in the meat and fashion industry where animals are put to death in large numbers. But consumers do not want to look at this gory and bloody side of things. We just want to see the perfectly presented hamburger or leather shoes that don’t remind us of the animal’s pain. This is a highly hypocritical view that most people in society seem to have. The meat dress could even be a commentary on this.


  1. Does Not Mean Anything at All:

Lady Gaga has been famous for a long time now for her bold and unconventional wardrobe ideas. This has definitely helped her career by bringing in publicity. So it could all just be an attention-grabbing stunt that has succeeded wonderfully. A meat dress definitely sells more than an easy meatloaf recipe.

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The Fall – My Favorite Season

Posted By on Sep 1, 2015


Autumn is preparing to bid adieu and I couldn’t be happier. Fall is about to arrive…with all its glory and panache. Dark lips, deep hues, stylish overalls, and classy shoes, Fall has a charm that no other season can claim to have. I have always loved casual sweaters more than boring Tees and preferred boots to flip-flops and Hawaiian thongs, coral lips to clear lip gloss and Cornus mas to Oriental Lilies. And, not to forget, the glittering Christmas also falls in this same very season. For the aforementioned and similar other reasons, I can yell from the top of Eiffel Tower “The Fall – My Favourite Season”.

Like always (since the time I could figure out the vital fashion differences from season to season, basically my teens), I have begun with my preparation for the fall. So, what do you think are the essential fall items that you must have in your wardrobe before the sky begins to shower theblack_knee_high_boots_with_scarf_and_sweater-5755 white miracle all over? Here’s my list…

A pair of chic black boots: Boots are not just stylish, but they also make a powerful statement. Team them with dresses or a pair of jeans, you can never go wrong with a pair of boots unless you are really dumb to pick up an ugly pair. But, since you are reading this, I am sure you are a fashionista with a brain. *Wink*

Look classy, sport a pair of gloves: I always loved globes, they are timeless. Well, this can also be a vintage hangover for me. Remember Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s donning an overall black gown, hair tied up in a bun and adorned with the little blingy tiara? I just can’t keep my eyes off the picture. Those black gloves looked so chic and elegant on her, didn’t they? It’s time, have a pair, wear them with élan but avoid cheap leather material.

wfejn3-lGet your fishnet tights: Tights and leggings are making heads turn this season and the fall will see variety in this segment. Get a couple of classic fishnets and Swiss dots to look trendy this winter. Didn’t you notice, runways are stormed by them?

Skinny Scarf: Well, scarf is an integral part of a Fall wardrobe, however, this season skinny scarf is what making a strong statement. Find a few for yourself and team them with any outfit from casual sweaters to gowns.


Trench coat: Trench coats have always been my fascination. Imagine yourself in a knee length dress, stilettos and a flowing trench coat. Nothing can save you from winter wind woes as stylishly as a trench coat can. Go, get one before prices go higher.vanja, fashion and style blog, elle serbia workwear, zara trench, massimo dutti bag

Victorian Elegance with high collars, ruffles, lace: Almost all big fashion levels looked centuries back for inspiration to design their Fall-2015 collection. Personally, like I can scream from the rooftop at the arrival of the Fall – my favourite season, I can also declare my love for Victorian fashion in the middle of the market. High collars, laces, ruffles…stock up your fall wardrobe with as many of these as possible. But, don’t blame me if people drown you with compliments.


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